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Puma logo
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Monster Energy's marketing plan is simple: no above-the-line advertising. They build awareness of their brand with a guerilla presence in-store and with affilliation with extreme sports and events. It works.

Good Humans are a big part of this as we devise and develop their EMEA promotional artwork for events including the F1 Grand Prix, UFC Championships and money-can’t-buy giveaways for Call of Duty. These promotions are adapted for over 72 different countries and for a multitude of display and point-of-sale items to ensure that each campaign receives maximum visibility. We are involved from the ground up, liaising with the whole of their team and suggesting ways they can make an ever bigger impact in store. They even did a feasibility study to see if it would be less expensive for them to in-house the work. They found that not only were we were in fact better value, but we also took 1000 headaches off them. A good sign for the future.

Big promotional stands for monster energy featuring call of duty


PUMA has the best partnerships. From Rihanna, to Usain Bolt, to Cara Delevingne the list goes on. They came to us because they needed a campaign concept that could bring together all of their partners and promotions into one consistent idea.

We developed a number of visual concepts and headlines, and put these into in-store mock-ups to bring them to life. They loved what we did and we have so far created international campaigns for Formula 1, The Weeknd and Jay Z.


We do a lot of great work with BURN Energy, but the most fun we had was designing their bold newspaper ‘LISTEN’. This is a 32-page free paper that was distributed across festivals and boat parties in Ibiza and Croatia.

It’s a collection of photo essays and interviews with some of the amazing artists that work with BURN, as well as handy listings for all your summer raving needs. The brief was to be bold, be creative and let their beautiful imagery breathe.


The guiding principle for work for MEATliquor can be summed up in one of their many briefs to us: "Can you make this look cool?" We've been working with them since 2014 and have worked on some brilliantly batshit projects.

Good Humans have been working with MEATliquor since 2014. In that time we have designed everything a restuarant group in the process of going supernova would need. From creating a logo where the brief was simply the lyrics of a Tom Waits song, to designing a poster of a cow drinking milk from its own udders, to making the downright offensive livery of a Nissan Micra that they sponsored to drive across the Mongolian desert, it’s always been with a profane sense of humour.

With 10 restaurants across the UK and one in Singapore, they have been serving ‘burgers, beats and treats’ since 2009, selling what the Guardian once described as the “world’s 1st cult burger”.

We met them just as they were opening joints in Bristol and Islington and they asked us to get involved with the branding. Since then we have redesigned the menus, created logos for five restaurants, made posters, cards, promotional material, T-shirts, and even designed a pair of MEATliquor branded underpants. The list goes on. They are always looking for extremely creative responses to their always-challenging ideas, and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Meat liquor promo sign reading come hungry leave wobbly
Meat liquor promo sign reading we now serve milkshakes with a picture of a cow
Meat liquor menu reading meat mission
Meat liquor discredit card
Meat liquor N1 logo
Meat liquor ed logo
Meat liquor croydon logo

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.

Dr. Seuss

Good Artwork

From idea to in-store, we turn your original concepts into living, breathing campaigns.


We have a team of highly experienced print technicians who will study your design files to make them artwork-perfect. We find efficiencies where we can, and ready the files for the campaign rollout.


We adapt these artworks to a master suite, maintaining the integrity of the campaign and giving us the full breadth of possible designs, from simple posters to very complex in-store displays.


These files form the basis of the campaign, from which we can create any artwork, to any cutter, using any language, all made print-ready to the highest of European standards.

Good Print

We use the best eco-certified printers from across the world to bring your campaigns to life.


We manage the entire print process, from briefing stage to delivery, consulting with you on the best solutions for each item and finding the rightprinters to meet your needs.


We only use printers who have earned ISO 14001 accreditation, so they are committed to the positive environmental impact of their work. These are all superb printers with excellent customer care.


We can distribute to any address, across Europe and the rest of the world. We also have warehousing capacity for times that you need to stagger the campaign rollout.

Good Design

From branding to packaging, we create designs that make your business beautiful.


We work hard to understand the audience, the competition and the full scope of a project so that we know the full contours of the design challenge before starting our research and fact-finding.


We then start to develop designs based on our discoveries. We iterate, amend and improve constantly, refining the options to find a great solution for your project.

Blow Minds

We pride ourselves on creating designs that create a stir, that get attention and that stay true to the brief, giving the reaction you need.

Good Photography

World-class photography and retouching that makes your imagery sing.


The right product photography is essential to get the message across to your customers. We work with you to create the right look and feel for your shots to maximise their impact for your promotions.


We find the right studio, lighting rig and photographer to ensure that your product looks its absolute best for its big day in the studio.


We have a team of highly experienced retouchers who will take the raw photography files and make them sing, ensuring consistency and beauty across the entire campaign.

Good Visualisation

We can create vividly alive images including photo-realistic renders, in-store mockups and product animations.


We work closely with you to understand the purpose of the visualisation. What’s the end result? What do you want the customer’s reaction to be on seeing the final renders?


We build models for you, from in-store POS displays, to exhibition stand mockups, to product prototypes, improving upon real-world photography, using any lighting rig and angle, to amazing effect.


We create bright, hyper-realistic renders that can be used in your presentations, to show printers your ideas, or as the product image in your latest campaign.

Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.

John Wesley

Meet the Good Humans

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Doing Good

For every artwork we send to print, we give a donation to a charity chosen by our staff. We have recently partnered with Unicef, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Help Refugees and Water Aid to bring vital care to those most in need.