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From 2% market share, to global market leader. 

How does a business maintain their brand essence when, every year, they create hundreds of promotions and product launches, with multiple artworks, across over 80 markets, in over 50 languages? Enter Good Humans.

Monster Energy’s plan is simple: take over the world, with no above-the-line advertising. They consistently build awareness through a combination of guerrilla presence in-store, and a consistent affiliation with major sport and music events across the world. But to in-house their production would mean 1000 different complexities, and that’s why for well over 10 years and counting, Good Humans have been Monster’s partner-in-rollout, executing the brand assets of their ever-evolving world domination.

The process begins with the delivery of the Key Art, which we take apart, make as efficient as possible and put back together without losing a single pixel of approved visuals. In this way we ensure that a complex artwork, that can take a full 2 minutes to output at Key Art stage, reduces down to 12 seconds. This makes a profound difference when we are producing hundreds of artworks per promo.

Once our master is created, Monster trust us to execute their promotions across multiple territories and in ever more unusual shapes, whilst always maintaining the same spirit of the Key Art. Every year we send over 12,000 artworks to print, web and social for Monster, as we develop their EMEA artwork for events including the F1 Grand Prix, UFC Championships and money-can’t-buy giveaways for Call of Duty. Good Humans are their rollout agency and we form the final executional piece in their puzzle.

“Quick, super-friendly, reliable and shockingly reasonable – I don’t think we could operate without the support of Good Humans.”

– Monster Energy